Shut down notice!

Pungo is saying goodbye and moving into new stuff to take crypto mainstream. App will be closing down servers by 31st may 2021

How to proceed for an smooth transition ?

  1. Download Verus Desktop app which supports most of Pungo coins
  2. Import Pungo 24 secret word list to Verus desktop app as shown in this tutorial.
  3. In case you don't have your secret word list, check how to extract it from Pungo on this tutorial
  4. If you coin is not listed in Verus Desktop app, you can export the coin private key, check here how. Then download the coin full client or electrum client and import your funds using the private key you extracted.
  5. If you have questions, feel free to reach us on our Telegram channel!

Recommended APP: Verus Desktop

Verus is a trusted project with an exceptional wallet that supports many coins. You can fastly switch from Pungo to Verus and get most of the coins working out of the box!


Video Tutorial: How to extract your 24 word list from Pungo

Image alt

Video Tutorial: How to extract your coin by coin keys

Image alt

Video Tutorial: How to move funds to Verus Desktop app

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More questions about Pungo

You have different options to move out the funds

Why I cannot send ETH ?

ETH balance can be seen but after the hard fork we have not updated the code, thus transactions cannot be send. You need to export your keys to another wallet. Check the video tutorials offered

What if coin sending is not working?

Check the video tutorials to move all the coins at once to the Verus Desktop app. This will save you time and makes sure everything goes fine.

What if you don't have the 24 word list backed up?

When installing the wallet you confirmed you had backed up the wallet. Your keys are your responsabililty and only you have access to them. When Pungo goes offline we cannot guarantee that the wallet will work fine and you will be able to extract the keys from it.

What if I have some questions?

You can always reach us on Telegram at