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The app for crypto communities

Hold & Swap directly from the wallet and forget about exchange registrations. Pungo App it's your all-in-one!

We focus on simplicity

A non custodial app fully integrated with our P2P exchange focused on communities

Your coins are only yours

We don't have access to your coins. You have a bip39 wordlist that allows you to recover your coins anywhere.

Our awesome features
100% Mobile Wallet & exchange

You don't need to leave the wallet to trade your coins. No liquidity? Create an order in seconds!

Our awesome features
Funded by the community

Pungo backs communities and supports Swaps out of the box. Anyone can add or support or fund a coin he likes or holds! Check out coins & trading pages!

Our awesome features

Want to add a coin? It's free, contact us

Trusted & Recommended

Many coins in the ecosystem already trust Pungo App