We are going for good


Blockchain is more than decentralization

Check our Blog post HERE about the future of blockchain and its wide range of use cases being developed


We give back to the community

We give back to the community all the software we have built during this years, you can check more info about it HERE. Just contact us for more information and for access to code base.


We grew an invaluable expertise

If you think we can help you advance in your tech & blockchain challenges just contact us. We are based in Barcelona Tech Hub 


We are a passionate team that loves to bring & think about new solutions for normal people and companies like you, to help close the gap between clients, customers, providers and businesses.

Our core team is based in Barcelona with an strong presence in Latam and US.

Part of our technical team members are based in west Europe and Rusia.

We are closely collaborating with several businesses to adapt our product to their payment flows and needs. On the research chapter, we have partnered with key partners to build & deliver an strong product, backed by best tech.