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Yes, as stated in Pungo Terms of Service Pungo wallet is a free wallet, offered as is to the user. The user is given a free license to use the wallet in compliance of his local regulations

All you need to access your coins is a 24 word list provided by Pungo App at wallet creation time and under settings screen. Keeping the phone virus free and the wordlist safe and in a secure place is responsibility of the user.

No. The 24 word list is an standard BIP39 format. You can use online / offline tools like to extract the private keys of Pungo App coins.

No. A sent transaction cannot be undone. However there is a certain period of time where a transaction is not confirmed by the network. This period of time is different depending on the token being used.

Depending on the token being used, the fees and the amount of transactions being sent it can take from minutes to hours or even days for a transaction to get confirmed by the network.

There can be several reasons for a transaction to appear as unconfirmed. In case it's not accepted by the network, it will appear back in your wallet in some time. Which might range from hours to days.

The most common issue is that there is a problem with the servers used to send transactions. In this case you just need to wait until servers are online again. However feel free to contact us through the support form in case you need help.

Don't panic. Your wallet is like a web browser, not showing a page doesn't mean the page does not exist. If wallet does not show your balance is most probably a connection issue. First step enter the coin and try to reload the balance. 2nd step: Wait some time, it might be a connection issue. 3rd step: If not working contact us and we will try to help you.

When using the wallet you are using several external services to provide you Swap and OTC trading service. This 3rd party services have their own Terms of Service that you accept and agree when creating the wallet. When you send tokens to those services they are not under Pungo App control and you are entering into a 3rd party contract service.

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