Trading made easy

Coins with Trading feature active, allow users to put them in sale in 3 clicks so anyone can Swap them instantly!

Swap fast low liquidity coins

We make it easy, fast and simple to swap those coins difficult to trade, so you can get them with a couple of clicks!

Put coins in sale in 3 clicks

No Swap available? No worries. You can put your coins on sale with 3 clicks and everybody is able to Swap it instantly. Best of all, you get paid directly.

Be your own exchange

Unlocking trade of a coin against pairs like BCH, DOGE, DASH, LTC, USDT it's convenient and brings revenue to your project. All we need are the server costs covered!

Orderbook live view

See the live list of open orders in Pungo App. To take if just make a simple Swap from Pungo App. That easy!


Our swaps in real time...

Check the Swaps that get processed through our platform in real time