Set up a 1k+ Merchants network in days

Unlock a real use case for your project to show the world how to make the difference with real impact on people lives

Reward consumers in the hood

End consumers get a rewarded to spend in km0 and local stores by providing proofs of shopping

Local shops & charities

Get immediate reach to hundreds of shops & charities in a very specific area, reaching a critical mass fast

Community funded

Set up a fund any holder can fund, we deliver real time reporting on the outreach and detailed statistics on how coins are being used and spent

Our awesome features

A local project for mainstream outreach

Fund a local outreach campaign in Spain, Catalonia, where we reach a critical mass of real consumers & merchants We have partnered with City councils, local University, Merchants associations and charities to build a success case that will get a direct impact on people life's and full local outreach

Real outreach

Fully verified users

Detailed & transparent reporting

Featuring in local newspapers

Limited projects selected



Unlock the merchant phase

Create a request in seconds and we will review that the coin/project is aligned with our values and explain how everything works to make sure that it will fit. If approved, anyone will be able to fund this request and, as soon as the milestones are achieved the campaign will start!